MTK++ Latest version: 0.2.0

MTK++ Installation

MTK++ Requirements

Supported Operating systems

Software Requirements

External Library Requirements

The MTK++ package relies on the user having the following installed.

The following are required to generate the html documentation.

Obtaining the MTK++ Source Codes

Ask Martin

Environment Variables

setenv PATH etc

MTK++ Configuration, Compilation and Installation

Assuming that you have already downloaded the latest MTK++ sources, untar and gunzip the sources, and enter the unpacked directory:

% gzip -cd MTKpp-<VERSION>.tar.gz | tar xvf - 
% cd MTKpp-<VERSION> 
% ./configure
% make

The `configure' command can be invoked with additional switches and options (run `./configure --help' to get a list of them). The most important are:

When the configuration process is finished a status message is briefly presented. For instance, after having invoked the following configuration command:

% ./configure

one can observe something like that:

MTKpp-0.2.0 package configuration:

  - prefix ....... : /usr/local
  - docdir ....... : /usr/local/doc
  - exec_prefix .. : ${prefix}
  - includedir ... : ${prefix}/include
  - libdir ....... : ${exec_prefix}/lib

  - debug ........ : Off 
  - html ......... : no

Documentation tools:
  - Doxygen ...... : yes
  - LaTeX ........ : yes
  - Dvips ........ : yes
  - GhostScript .. : yes
  - Dot .......... : yes

Testing tools:
  - Diff ......... : yes

External libs:
  - MKL .......... : 
  - BOOST ........ : ${srcdir}lib/boost_1_38_0
  - LOG4CXX ...... : 
  - XERCES ....... : 
  - QT ........... : 

Compiler/linker flags/libs/defs:
  - CXX .......... : g++
  - CXXFLAGS ..... : -DNDEBUG -DUSE_TINYXML -DTIXML_USE_STL -O3 -DC99_OK -Wall -fno-common
  - LDFLAGS ...... :
  - C99 OK ....... : yes, using unsigned long long, and maximum number of atoms is 100000

Now type 'make && make install' to build and install MTKpp-0.2.0 package

Now, it is time for compiling and linking the MTK++ library. To do so, please simply run the following command:

% make

MTK++ should compile without any errors or warnings. If this is not the case, please submit a bug-report. Please include information about your OS, compiler version, external libraries and their versions, etc.

To make the html pages type the following:

% make docs

Finally, you should install the compiled and linked library, include files by typing:

% make install

Depending on the PREFIX settings during configuration, you might need the root (administrator) access to success with this step.

Eventually, you might invoke the following command

% make clean

to remove all files created during compilation process, or even

% make clean

to remove all files generated by the `configure' script.

Instructions for Mac OS X

To compile and use MTK++ under Mac OS X, you should install the latest version of Apple's developer tools. The tools are delivered with Mac OS X, but you may need to unpack them.

BLAS and LAPACK support is obtained with the vecLib framework, but you must then use Apple's GCC compiler.

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