MTK++ Latest version: 0.2.0

Documentation Rules

General Rules

All classes in MTK++ should be properly documented with Doxygen comments in include (`.h') files. Source (`.cpp') files should be documented according to a normal standard for well documented C++ code.

An example of how the interface of a class shall be documented in MTK++ is shown here:

   \brief Brief description of My_Class here

   Detailed description of My_Class here. With example code if needed.
class My_Class {


  //! Default constructor
  My_Class(void) { setup_done = false; }

     \brief Constructor that initializes the class with parameters

     Detailed description of the constructor here if needed

     \param[in] param1 Description of \a param1 here
     \param[in] param2 Description of \a param2 here
  My_Class(TYPE1 param1, TYPE2 param2) { setup(param1, param2); }

     \brief Setup function for My_Class

     Detailed description of the setup function here if needed

     \param[in] param1 Description of \a param1 here
     \param[in] param2 Description of \a param2 here
  void setup(TYPE1 param1, TYPE2 param2);


    //! Variable that checks if the class is properly initialized with parameters
    bool setup_done;

    //! Short description of private_variable1 here
    TYPE1 private_variable1;

    //! Short description of private_variable2 here
    TYPE2 private_variable2;

File Header

All files should start with the following header, which include Doxygen's \file, \brief and \author tags, $Date$ and $Revisions$ CVS tags, and a common copyright note:

   \brief Brief description of the file here
   \author Names of the authors who contributed to this code

   Detailed description of the file here if needed.

   $Date: 2005/12/20 08:00:00 $
   $Revision: 0.1 $ 


   MTK++ - C++ package of modeling libraries

   Copyright (C) 2005-2006  (see AUTHORS file for a list of contributors)


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