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Utils Directory Reference
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file  constants.h [code]

Container for constants.

file  copyright.h [code]

MTK++ copyright.

file  deleteItem.h [code]
file  diagonalize.h [code]

Inferface function to boost/lapack syev function.

file  diagonalize_eigen.h [code]

Inferface functions to eigen library.

file  DivConInterface.h [code]

A bunch of routines to deal with DivCon.

file  idObject.h [code]
file  index.h [code]

Contains indexing functions for pairs, triplets and quadruples.

file  inverseMatrix.h [code]
file  object.h [code]

Base object.

file  printHeader.h [code]

Print header.

file  randomNumbers.h [code]

Inline functions for random number generation.

file  vector3d.h [code]

A 3-dimensional vector with many common functions needed for the manipulation of 3d vectors. Everything is inline so as to speed things up.

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