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MTKpp::pamParser Class Reference

Reads pam format files. More...

#include <mtkpp/src/Parsers/pamParser.h>

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Public Member Functions

 pamParser ()
 pamParser Constructor
 ~pamParser ()
 pamParser Destructor
void Read (const std::string &i, seqAlign *pSeqAlign)
 Read PAM file.
virtual void Read ()
 Read function.
virtual void Write ()
 Write function.
std::ofstream & OpenFile (std::string fileName)
 Write function.
std::string determineElement (std::string &name)
 Preceive element symbol from the atom name.
void setError (int i)
 Error handling within Parsers.
bool getError ()
 Error handling within dcParser.
void setErrorMessage (std::string s)
 Error handling within Parsers.
std::string getErrorMessage ()
 Error handling within Parsers.

Protected Attributes

std::ofstream outputFileStream
 Output File Stream.
bool bError
 Error occured.
std::string errorMessage
 Error message.

Detailed Description

Reads pam format files.

Martin Peters

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MTKpp::pamParser::pamParser ( )

pamParser Constructor

MTKpp::pamParser::~pamParser ( )

pamParser Destructor

Member Function Documentation

void MTKpp::pamParser::Read ( const std::string &  i,
seqAlign pSeqAlign 
void MTKpp::baseParser::Read ( ) [virtual, inherited]

Read function.

Referenced by MTKpp::acParser::Read(), and MTKpp::molParser::Read().

void MTKpp::baseParser::Write ( ) [virtual, inherited]
std::ofstream & MTKpp::baseParser::OpenFile ( std::string  fileName) [inherited]

Write function.

References MTKpp::baseParser::outputFileStream.

Referenced by main().

std::string MTKpp::baseParser::determineElement ( std::string &  name) [inherited]

Preceive element symbol from the atom name.

References MTKpp::GetAlphaChar(), and MTKpp::removeCharacter().

Referenced by MTKpp::pdbParser::Read(), and MTKpp::prepParser::readFragment().

void MTKpp::baseParser::setError ( int  i) [inline, inherited]
bool MTKpp::baseParser::getError ( ) [inline, inherited]

Error handling within dcParser.


References MTKpp::baseParser::bError.

Referenced by main().

void MTKpp::baseParser::setErrorMessage ( std::string  s) [inline, inherited]
std::string MTKpp::baseParser::getErrorMessage ( ) [inline, inherited]

Error handling within Parsers.

error message

References MTKpp::baseParser::errorMessage.

Referenced by main().

Member Data Documentation

std::ofstream MTKpp::baseParser::outputFileStream [protected, inherited]

Output File Stream.

Referenced by MTKpp::baseParser::OpenFile().

bool MTKpp::baseParser::bError [protected, inherited]
std::string MTKpp::baseParser::errorMessage [protected, inherited]
unsigned int MTKpp::baseParser::NUM_INDENTS_PER_SPACE [protected, inherited]

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