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MTKpp::idObjectList Class Reference

#include <mtkpp/src/Utils/idObject.h>

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Public Member Functions

 idObjectList ()
 idObjectList Constructor
virtual ~idObjectList ()
 idObject Destructor
void addObject (std::string name, double value)
void sortList (int d)
int getRank (std::string n)
idObjectgetObject (std::string n)
idObjectgetFirst ()
void print ()
double lMin ()
double lMax ()
double mean ()
double variance ()
double standardDeviation ()
void normalize ()
void autoScale ()

Public Attributes

int index
std::vector< idObject * > objList
 list of idObject

Detailed Description

Martin Peters

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MTKpp::idObjectList::idObjectList ( ) [inline]

idObjectList Constructor

References index.

virtual MTKpp::idObjectList::~idObjectList ( ) [inline, virtual]

idObject Destructor

Member Function Documentation

void MTKpp::idObjectList::addObject ( std::string  name,
double  value 
) [inline]

References index, and objList.

void MTKpp::idObjectList::sortList ( int  d) [inline]
int MTKpp::idObjectList::getRank ( std::string  n) [inline]

References objList.

idObject* MTKpp::idObjectList::getObject ( std::string  n) [inline]

References index, and objList.

idObject* MTKpp::idObjectList::getFirst ( ) [inline]

References objList.

void MTKpp::idObjectList::print ( ) [inline]

References objList.

double MTKpp::idObjectList::lMin ( ) [inline]

References objList.

Referenced by normalize().

double MTKpp::idObjectList::lMax ( ) [inline]

References objList.

Referenced by normalize().

double MTKpp::idObjectList::mean ( ) [inline]

References objList.

Referenced by autoScale(), and variance().

double MTKpp::idObjectList::variance ( ) [inline]

References index, mean(), and objList.

Referenced by standardDeviation().

double MTKpp::idObjectList::standardDeviation ( ) [inline]

References index, and variance().

Referenced by autoScale().

void MTKpp::idObjectList::normalize ( ) [inline]

References lMax(), lMin(), and objList.

void MTKpp::idObjectList::autoScale ( ) [inline]

References mean(), objList, and standardDeviation().

Member Data Documentation

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